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Getting Started

  • Click on the pages to the left for each specific disease site.
  • You will find a template to work with on each page. The original PDF worksheet is listed below for your reference.
  • Pages (templates) are editable, so remove my descriptions (on the right column of the table) and start adding your information.
  • Each student should use a different color so the instructor knows how each student participated.
  • You can use the discussion forum within this wiki for collaboration on these worksheets.
  • Help each other by offering suggestions for other disease sites or other sections within your group.
  • The list on the left will sort by alphabetical order. However, we will be working on these in a specific order.
  • While on each page, if you click on the area in the "Page" tab above - you will see a choice for printing. This will put the worksheet in a format nice for printing.


Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.